This quote by Winston Churchill former president summarises how significant are our buildings, humans. The classic task of design is to create an appropriate built environment reacting to the people's needs and aspirations.

At its simplest, architecture is the design of buildings, groups of buildings, and often the distance between buildings. To know about Boston landscape architecture visit

The rising complexity of requirements in buildings has at each stage of culture created scope for an expert person to design buildings.

The oldest surviving written literature on the topic of architecture, by the Roman originator Vitruvius, according to him a Great construction should satisfy the three fundamentals of,

Architecture is a professional career; an individual is a professional when he's special abilities and knowledge that he has gained through special knowledge, training, and research at a high level, design as a profession is regulated in India from the Council of Architecture, Government.

CoA governs and regulates the Architecture profession at several levels. CoA simplifies the Architectural instruction by setting minimum standards for Institutions imparting Architectural instruction and then by keeping the registration of Architects and by regulating the artists through its Code of conduct.

The uniqueness of Architecture as a profession is because it's a creative process of science and art, gather in response to individual needs or actions utilizing available resources like substances, men, money, and machines. There's freedom of personal expression for architects while performing projects.