1. Find a reputable dealer. The first piece of advice about buying graphic prints online is to find a reputable company. Get testimonials from friends, read online reviews, and make sure your business is ethical and has been around for a while.

Take your time and explore the possibilities. If you mean a sara sherwood original art for sale look for websites that offer search functionality by categories.

How to Buy Printed Art Online: Tips for a Successful Purchase

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2. Understand the different types of prints. A second tip for buying graphic prints online concerns your ability to differentiate between different types of prints. They come in a variety of formats which will greatly affect the price of the print you want to buy.

Original art

These are not reproductions, but unique handcrafted works of art such as painting, wood carving, etching, engraving, screen printing, lithograph, serigraph, or pieces of linoleum. They are usually numbered in a limited cycle because the ingredients run out over time. The first prints in the series are often referred to as artist proofs.

3. Check the quality and print status. The next tip about buying graphic prints online has to do with the quality and condition of the product. You want the impression to last for a longer period. This means that the material must be of high enough quality. So make sure that:

4. Protect your investment. The final tip on buying prints online is how you can sustain your purchase for years to come. The best way to protect your investment is to design it using a storage method that is approved by the American Library of Congress.