Now, 3D models are widely used by manufacturers to advertise and sell their products. Hence the need for businesses to know the basics of CGI creation. Otherwise, it will be impossible to achieve the best productivity when working with 3D modeling studios.

  1. 3D models can be roughly separated into “simple” and “complex” ones based on their level of detail. Have a look at these two products of 3D modeling. You can even view 3D models for more clarification.

Both of them are made with photoreal quality and superb attention to detail, and yet, the former was made within 20 hours, and the latter — within a whopping 56 hours! What caused this difference?

The answer is the complexity of a 3D model of a product. In the case of the first item, the circular saw, production was relatively simple — because a CAD base did not have too many complex shapes. 

  1. So even with all the lighting and reflections editing, rendering and post-production, it took around two working days to make this 3D model. While the second item, an ornate watch, was much more difficult to accomplish. 

  2. By default, 3D modeling studios provide images in HD. But what if a client needs a higher quality? Larger dimensions mean longer rendering time. As a rule of thumb, everything above HD adds a few hours more to visualize. For example, rendering a CG picture in Ultra 4K HD will take four times longer than in regular HD.