As a homeowner, you have two choices available to you when dealing with a leaking roof. You can either repair the roof or opt to replace the entire roof. Finding the best solution for your home is an absolute must, both in terms of cost as well as saving you from ongoing headaches. Read on to find out which option is better for you.

Repair the Roof

The quickest solution is to repair a leaking roof. This allows you to take immediate action which is essential because delaying roof repairs will only add extra costs further down the track. Not repairing a leaky roof early can ruin insulation and damaged ceilings.

Before you go ahead with a roof repair, it’s important that you understand the current condition of your roof. Regularly maintaining your roof gives you the chance to spot trouble early. Getting a professional roofing inspection for flat roof repair in London can make your decision to repair or replace your roof much easier.

It could simply be that damaging storms have displaced the guttering causing the roof to leak or it may just be that your roof has aged and is actually in need of replacement.

Replace the Roof

Make sure your roofing contractor uses London-made Colorbond or Zincalume otherwise it may not meet London Standards. Not only that but using inferior imported materials will cause you to miss out on the generous manufacturer’s warranty offered by Colorbond steel and Zincalume.

Relying upon the honesty of just any roofing contractor can leave you exposed to inadequate roofing expertise. Get the job done right the first time and know that you are doing all you can to protect your family.