Job seekers in this economic recession often turn to professional writers to create resumes to grab the attention of employers. In today's job market, a good resume will help you get the right interview, the right job, to start work sooner rather than later. You can search online for the top rated professional resume writing service in Arizona from Do My Resume.NET.

With certain industries experiencing severe shocks, such as automotive, financial services, banking, real estate, and more, many people feel that it is taking longer to land a job to find a new job than in recent years. So why consider a professionally written resume?

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The field of resume writing attracts many working as writers with a wide range of talents and skills. The quality of the writing varies greatly. A careful selection process will help you find the best writers. It is advisable to review their work samples and make the samples look personalized instead of a "one size fits all" template. 

The following points should be considered when using a professional resume service:

1. Find certified writers in your area by contacting a trade association or checking their website. Examples are CPRW (Certified Professional Resume Writer), Master Resume Writer by Career Management Alliance, or certification as a Human Resources Specialist (Human Resources Specialist or Senior Human Resources Specialist) by a Human Resources Certification Body.

2. Carefully review all submitted CV samples. The resume builder should be able to provide some examples. Look for a writing style and resume format that is attractive, engaging, and well-presented.