Just imagine, you no longer need keys to get to your house or workplace! Your fingers are the keys! You do not have to take a lot of keys each time for multiple doorways stinks.

The system then compares the biometrics that is in the database for authentication. The entire process may require less than 1 second. 

You do not need to modify the keys for safety reasons since you're the system supervisor and you'll be able to delete that person in the push of a button. You can also Buy Fingerprint Attendance System for Fast And Hassle Free experience at Time & Attendance Solutions.

As a system manager, you have complete control over the machine and you can have the power as the system supervisor and keep a check on the other people that you want while still maintaining your authority.  


If the detector of the time machine does not operate as planned, there's an alternate fallback mechanism. It may be a built-in PIN mechanism or fingerprints that could override the detector configurations.

Fingerprint recognition is thought to be among the safest and most secure procedures of access control. The system simply recognizes fingerprints, and the replicated fingerprints are immediately rejected. 

Every time someone opens the doorway, the date and time will be listed automatically so that you can monitor and track every individual. This function enables the system to be used in factories, offices, or associations to document employee attendance.