This tool is designed to provide participants with a framework and skills to build powerful and transformational enterprise models with advances in technology, steering for continuing value creation. 

With all of the companies moving towards electronics, increase your chances to drive digital transformation initiatives and building an electronic culture from the company which brings technology and process together is an essential executive skill.


By the end of the program, participants will have the ability to:

  1. Know the nuances of transformation technologies, learn new business models, and acquire cross-domain perspectives

  2. Know the effects of emerging technologies on business transformation.

  3. Gain the ability to develop digital capabilities and execute digital plans to drive their organizations before the curve of this digital age.

  4. Gain an comprehension of how to use digital technologies and construct a digital civilization to improve their organization's business

Drawing out of a mix of tools and frameworks from data science, IT management, and promotion, you are going to study top thought leaders within digital transformation. 

Live instruction sessions and moderated discussion boards give you the ability to ask questions, socialize with peers and faculty, and quicken your learning beyond the typical online learning experience.

Digital Transformation application does not have any prerequisites – with the exception of a strong urge to understand opportunities for electronic digital technology and data management methods to transform your company. 

As the program advances through eight modules, a story illuminates examples from healthcare and retail, showing how two completely different industries gain from uniting around technology, data, and individuals.