Do you require custom die-cast Singapore medals for your next academic or sports event? There are several aspects to think about to ensure that you get an award that is attractive at an affordable cost. Take note of these when looking for personalized award awards.

Custom die-cast medals could vary in quality, depending upon the company that makes them. To get more information about Singapore medals, you may see it here.

singapore medal

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When evaluating a die-cast Singapore medal's value there are a few important questions to ask:

1. The size of the medallion be equal to the amount promised or will the manufacturer reduce the thickness to cut cost? Does the medal appear "substantial" and carry significant weight about its size?

2. Are the images and letters will be crisp, clean, and clear? (Less Clarity could result from the silicone "spin mold" or a "cast" mold)

3. The polishing and plating of the medals will be uniform for all the medals?

4. If the finish is antique are the edges of the medallion be polished, or will the manufacturer cut corners making sure that all edges are darkened.

5. Do the neckbands and ribbons have to be secured using clips or jump rings to match the metal plating? (For instance, polished gold jump rings that are used on gold-plated antique medals are not acceptable.)