One likes to decorate one's house with a lot of artifacts or pieces of antique ware. Statues are also used to decorate your home and bring peace and blessings to your house. Gifting a religious stone statue (also known as estatua de piedra in the Spanish language) is a way of conveying good wishes and blessings to a person. 

Statues are made of stone, bronze, and metal. They come in all sizes and at affordable prices. You can choose from religious ones to decorative ones and angelic ones. Most Italian statues are used to decorate gardens and parks. Some are used to enhance the beauty of their home or are gifted to others. 

Many popular statues have some kind of a story to tell and symbolize supernatural miracles by God. Catholics do not worship statues. They have statues in their homes, offices, and in churches that are not used as idols for worship but for enhancing the aesthetic value of the place. 

The reason why you see so many statues in churches is not for worship. There were no printing presses in earlier days and bibles were very expensive and hence statues were used to teach children about the saints and make learning the bible much easier.