The importance of using a solar cover on your pool can not be avoided. The largest source of energy loss in a swimming pool is through the evaporation of water from the pool surface. If you want to buy Pool Enclosures, Retractable Roofs & Automatic Pool Covers, you can search from the Internet.

A solar cover acts as a barrier among the water and the surrounding air and lowers the chemical consumption by upto 60%, at the same time increasing  water temperature by up to 8 degree celsius. It inhibits algae growth and reduces debris infection. 

Solar covers are made of a heavy "bubble wrap" type of material. It differs from ordinary packaging bubble wrap due to the fact that it is much thicker and contains chemical inhibitors to slow down degradation from ultraviolet rays and chlorine attack. 

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Some advantages of solar pool covers:

  • Functions both in summer and winter season
  • Comes with a mount frame to easily fit on the roof, shelf or wall.
  • Multiple solar panels can be fitted together to meet pools heating needs.
  • Uncomplicated design makes pools' heating process smooth and hassle-free.
  • Eco- friendly and money saving items
  • Manufacturer's warranty on solar covers

An insulated layer is efficiently created by way of the bubbles, which helps to prevent heat loss through evaporation, and the translucent nature of the material allows the sun rays to create a greenhouse effect, raising the water temperature.