Comic creators have the option to sell their comics in two formats: a standard 24-page book or a graphic novel with 60 to 200 pages. If one wishes to sell comics in a 24-page book format, they will need to produce a series of issues. This will make it more affordable to produce. You can also purchase French comics (also known as bd en franais in the French language)via many web sources.

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A series can contain 5 issues, each issue coming out at different times of the year. You can use the revenue from issue 1 to pay for expenses for issue 2. This is my favorite way for novice comic book creators to get started.

If a creator feels that a graphic novel would be more practical, they can do so under two conditions. You have the money and a marketing plan. This is because marketing is the most difficult part of creating a product. Publishing a comic book does not have to cost fifty dollars if you write and draw the content yourself. This is called publishing on demand. The difficulty of marketing a comic book for first-time creators can be tenfold.

Comic creators who sell their comics well are often those with experience in comic production. For someone who has worked on comics like Spiderman or X-men, it would be simple to leave Marvel and start his comic book production or sell his comics. Todd McFarlane was one such person. 

McFarlane rose to stardom in Marvel comics. He was an illustrator who helped to create Image comics when he left Marvel. McFarlane's popularity made Spawn a huge success. Everyone can’t make comics. Not everyone who wants to be a writer would have the opportunity to work at Marvel Comics. And not everyone who works at Marvel Comics will be popular.

My view is that there are two routes to success in the comic book business: creating and selling comics. Both of these options require you to make a name for yourself. It could start by integrating yourself with editors and publishers, becoming staff in an editorial office, and then getting published by a smaller publisher. Independent publishing is the second option. Both methods are very difficult and can take many years before you see positive results. This could also cost you a lot of money.

There are many other ways to get your work out there for less money and more time. The rise in technology has made it possible to break into the comic book business without having to go through major publishers. I'll explain.

Comic book creators face the most difficult and daunting hurdle of all: marketing their comic book. It would be much easier to sell comics if people knew that your comic book existed and liked it.