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All You Need to Know About How to Cure the Fear of Flying

Ever wondered how people can go on long-distance flights without a little fear? They drink when they wait for their departure, and then they just walk to the narrow air cabin as relaxed. Some people can even take flights once every few days, so why can't you do the same thing? You can consider the courses of reducing airplane phobia ( which is called "horreur avion" in the French language ) to travel by air without any fear.

Well, of course, I'm sure you already know the answer: You are afraid of flying, and they don't. How do you want to be like them? Don't you hope to get the check-in counter with the same convenience as they have, rather than being ultra-nervous about your upcoming flight? It will definitely be a much better experience, right?

Tip # 1: If you type people who don't love anything other than newspapers every morning, I'm sorry to tell you this – you have to forget about reading the news at least a week before your scheduled flight.

Tips # 2: Position some things that will occupy your time on the plane. Prevent you from being bored, and also distracting you from unnecessary concerns. Two birds with one stone!

Tip # 3: Keep your adrenaline low. Go to practice a few hours before your flight, and stay from coffee at least 2 days before. Exercising makes your endorphins (chemicals that make you feel happy) Level and your adrenaline (chemicals that make you hyper-alerts) Low levels. Coffee is liquid adrenaline, so you should not have it before you fly.


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