Ever wondered how people can go on long-distance flights without a little fear? Many People feel fear from heights and they avoid airplane traveling. But Some people can even take flights once every few days, so why can’t you do the same thing? You can consider the courses of reducing “airplane fear” (which is called “peur avion“ in the French language) to travel by air without any fear.

Well, of course, I’m sure you already know the answer: You are afraid of flying, and they don’t. How do you want to be like them? Don’t you hope to get the check-in counter with the same convenience as they have, rather than being ultra-nervous about your upcoming flight? It will definitely be a much better experience, right?

Tip # 1: One of the easiest and most common techniques for panic attacks is to breathe deeply. Whenever you face a moment where you’re panicking, just start breathing in. Then out. Then in again, and so on and so forth.

Tips # 2: Before you fly, you may want to ask someone to do a favor for you. What you need them to do is to ‘track’ your flight. Tracking flights means going on to the internet and watching a plane’s location in the world, in real-time.

Tip # 3: A few good books or magazines would make a pretty good goodie bag, for instance. You can also toss in an iPod for listening to music if you have one.