Metal Slurry Pump Parts are manufactured to the highest degree of mechanical integrity through the use of accurate 3-D modeling. Manufacturers use the latest solid works and technology to design precise slurry pump parts at the beginning of the manufacturing process and inspect and verify those parts before shipping.

High-quality lurry pump parts can handle the toughest abrasive applications, and adhere to all relevant ASTM standards. The most popular 27-28% high chrome metallurgy has a guaranteed 650+ Brinell hardness. A variety of alternative metallurgies are available for more corrosive applications. You can check out them through

Slurry Pump Parts included impeller and throat bush, the latest WRT slurry pump wet end parts combination is a superior upgrade for your existing AH slurry pump and a novel integrated design approach to deliver major centrifugal slurry pump wear life improvements.

The new slurry pump wetted end parts combination does not only lowers the pump’s lifetime consumption, but they reduce the NPSHr requirements of the slurry pumps. 

Slurry Pump Parts Advantages:

• Increased wear life

Slurry Pump impeller and throat bush combination will increase wear life between 30% and 50%

• Power savings

Lower slurry pump power consumption

• Cost reduction

Higher pump efficiency sustain over a longer pumping operation time

• Retrofit

New design parts retrofit to your current AH slurry pumps