Meal prep is the practice of preparing meals and dishes in advance. This is a popular choice for busy people as it saves a lot of time.

Pre-prepared meals can help reduce portions and help you meet your nutritional goals. Meal prepping allows you to make healthier choices in the long term since you have to plan. You can easily order pre-prepared meals online from various sites.

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Different ways to prepare your meal

It is possible to believe that cooking for the week ahead will consume most of your weekend. There are many ways to prepare meals, so you don't need to spend your Sunday afternoon in the kitchen. There is a style for everyone to prepare meals.

These are the most popular methods of meal-prepping:

Make-ahead meals: Prepare full meals in advance and have them frozen so they can be refrigerated until you are ready to eat. This is especially useful for dinner meals.

Batch cooking: Batch cooking is making large quantities of a particular recipe and then freezing them in individual portions. These are great for warm meals or lunches.

Individually prepared meals: Prepare fresh meals and then portion them into grab-and-go meals to be refrigerated over the next few days. This is especially useful for quick lunches.

Your goals and your daily routine will determine which method is most effective for you. If you want to reduce your morning commute, making breakfast ahead might be the best option. For those with limited time, batch-cooked meals are a great option.